Entrepreneurs personally invested in improving the state of healthcare.

The future happens now. We push forward working with those who know that the changes we make now impact not just nameless patients but our friends, our loved ones and eventually even ourselves.

At Intermountain Ventures we feel very fortunate to engage with a world-class ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, technology companies and philanthropic organizations all in an effort to meaningfully transform care. For us, it’s about doing all we can and leveraging an entire team of dedicated caregivers to improve the health and lives of everyone in our community.

We’re focused on finding the entrepreneurs who want to effect change for the good of all people. We nurture ideas and give them a practical application. We are looking for those visionaries who know when the process is key, the outcome is limitless.

Let’s engage and make a difference. We’re here to help technologies and solutions develop, grow and mature into platforms that boost outcomes and make care affordable for everyone - in our community, our country, and the world.


What’s currently

Improving health in a rapidly changing world is a team effort. We’re always seeking new investment opportunities to strengthen Intermountain Healthcare and realize our purpose.