We take a unique three-pronged approach to identify and cultivate the solutions that will transform healthcare.

We have an Evaluation team, an Investment team, and an Integration team. Each team works hand in hand with our partners through the entire innovation process of design, funding, and growth.

Here's what we do

We focus on identifying new and disruptive technologies that support our aspiration to help people live the healthiest lives possible. We perform proofs of concept and rapid pilots to test a solution’s value for Intermountain and other like-minded organizations. We partner closely with entrepreneurs and internal teams to collectively develop clinical and strategic innovations across the healthcare system.

Here's what we do

We work with our clinical teams to identify problems and opportunities to transform care and then scan the market to find those companies that will deliver the greatest impact. We provide access to capital, data and clinical expertise to help these companies grow into scalable solutions that will dramatically improve the delivery of care and health in our communities and the world.

Here's what we do

Working with our Investment and Evaluation teams we take the successful pilots and investments and integrate them into the broader Intermountain ecosystem, working to ensure that a solution’s value impacts the entire organization. We also support the growth and expansion of partners and portfolio companies across US and global markets providing valuable outcomes data and insights to drive adoption across like-minded health systems.

Disrupt with us.